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Not sure what to tell you but I guess you’ll soon noticed that I have a small obsession with baking. Even though I’m a nutritionist I have a huge sweet tooth and just can’t seem to say no! You’ll find a variety of baked goodies on the site – but notice there’s no refined sugar or crap. We try to use the best quality ingredients and add a extra healthy-ish spin whenever we can.
I could spend my days creating recipes, wandering the country side, and taking photos – but unfortunately reality gets in the way some times and these activities are reserved for weekends. Although I do try to make the most of every day! Meandering country roads, stopping at fruit stands and waving to the farmer’s cows make for some of the best days. Add some pie eating and apple cider sipping and I am one happy girl! There is something about the peacefulness and simplicity of the country that makes me feel relaxed and full of pure joy!

Celebrating fresh ingredients, cooking from scratch and supporting local small business is what I’m trying to do. Simple Fresh Wellness was born because I love sharing recipes and wanted to help others enjoy the indulgence of life while embracing natural foods and the principle of living a balanced life. I hope you’ll explore the blog and discover a love for wholesome recipes and simple living!

Hope you enjoy the blog!


PS. I also live for sarcasm and am a huge cookie monster.