Guest Blog: Strawberry Creamsicle Recipe


I love local businesses with a focus on health and nutrition. Toronto based Jule’s Wellness and Jule’s Baskets are two of my favourites. They are sister brands sharing health conscious products with the world. They support health conscious companies and provide a one stop shop for all things health. With a collaborative workspace, workshops, consultations and online boutique they have something for everyone and are there to help you along your health journey. I am so proud to be an ambassador and be apart of this amazing companies journey!


Jule’s wellness also has a fabulous blog where they share posts on self love, product reviews, health tips and recipes. I was lucky enough to be their latest guest recipe blogger. I created a delicious strawberry “cheesecake” creamsicle. Full of healthy fats and natural sweetness, they are perfect for beating this summer heat. Get the recipe on Jule’s Blog. These Popsicles are creamy, full of satisfying protein, healthy fats and natural strawberry sweetness.




If you’re a Popsicle lover like myself Nature’s Peach also has a delicious chocolate fudgesicle recipe that is out of this world. Made with avocado and mineral rich cocoa, everyone will be asking for more, and no one will know they’re dairy-free! You will be the hero, just like it should be.

Beat the heat this summer with these satisfying Popsicles and check out Jule’s Wellness for more health focused products and blog posts.

XX Deanna

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