Spring Frenzy


Spring has officially arrived, yay! It may not feel like spring if you live in Southern Ontario like me, but it’s just around the corner…I promise!

Spring is the perfect time to reset your body and mind and start eating healthy. We give our house and wardrobe new life in the spring – get rid of the dust bunnies and stale air, bring in bright colours and lighter fabrics – so why not do the same thing to our diet and refresh our body.

I have some great light and refreshing recipes on the blog that would be perfect to get you started.

Delicious spring quinoa salad – the perfect transition meal between winter and spring as the warm quinoa blends with the crisp fresh vegetables.

quinoa salad 4

Looking for a boost of nutrients, check out this refreshing green juice – packed with vitamins and minerals it makes the perfect cleansing drink.


Looking for additional recipes and nutrition information – I’ve got you covered for that too! Head over to our nutrition packages page and check out our 14 day online detox and 4 weeks to better nutrition packages. They are the perfect starter guides to help you get back on track and revamp your nutrition!

Happy Spring!

XO Deanna

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