New Year, Fresh Start!

2015 has arrived and the new year brings the perfect time for a fresh start. After the holiday celebrations and the abundance of indulgent food, bubbly drinks and decedent desserts the new year brings the perfect opportunity to cleanse.

After weeks of indulging in the decadence of the holiday season a quick detox to restore our bodies is a great idea.

It doesn’t have to be complicated or full of deprivation, but simply a week or two of healthy choices and the avoidance of a couple inflammatory items.

Providing antioxidants and needed nutrients from fresh fruits and vegetables while removing foods that cause inflammation in the body, such as caffeine, sugar and alcohol, enhances the functioning of our organs and is extremely beneficial to cleansing the body, especially after a period of great indulgence!

Periods of cleansing or detoxification can increase energy, improve sleep, decrease bloating, clear complexion, and help with weight loss.

2 week cleanse:

• fresh fruit
• fresh vegetables
• fibre (beans, legumes)
• lean protein (chicken, turkey, fish, nuts/seeds)

• sugar
• alcohol
• caffeine
• wheat/gluten
• dairy

Follow these simply guidelines and provide your body with an amazing fresh start and clean state.

Looking for a more detailed plan, head over top the nutrition packages pages for a 14 day detox plan or 4 weeks of meal plans – great for cleansing and achieving a fresh start!

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