5 Reasons to start juicing

After a long winter it’s a good idea to reboot our body and kick up nutrient levels. Perform a detox program and support your body’s natural elimination of toxins. One great way to do this is a juice cleanse or simply incorporating fresh juices into your daily routine! Also check out post on detox and supporting your liver.

Friendly Nutrition & Treats

There is nothing better than a cool glass of freshly pressed juice. With no added sugar and a tone of nutrients fresh fruit and vegetable juices are tasty additions to any diet. So what makes juicing such a healthful habit?

  1. Concentrated source of nutrients – juicers compress fruits and vegetables extracting the juice, along with vitamins and minerals. This process provides a high concentration of nutrients, helping you reach daily recommended amounts in one glass. Allows individuals to consume a larger amount of fruits and vegetables throughout the day.
  2. Improve immune function – juicing allows individuals to consume a large number of vitamins and minerals essential for support and function of a healthy immune system.
  3. Increase energy – easy to digest and utilize vitamins and minerals found in the juice.
  4. Alkalizing – fruits and vegetables leave an alkaline ash in the body after consumption which helps balance acidity, reduce risk…

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