5 tips for healthy, glowing skin!

After a long winter your skin can feel dry, cracked, and dull. The harsh winter air pulls moisture out of your skin, leaving it feeling tight, itchy and in need of some extreme moisture.

Looking to get that healthy, dewy, fresh look? Here are some health expert approved tips to beautiful, flawless Skin!

5 tips for beautiful skin:

Stay hydrated: drink 8-10 glasses of filtered water a day and eat water dense foods (cucumbers, celery, watermelon). Hydration is crucial for cell health and key to a healthy, dewy glow.

Love your liver: liver helps to detox your body and prevent breakouts. When toxins build in the body they look for an escape route, one being the skin in the form of pimples. Drink warm lemon water on an empty stomach in the morning to support liver function and detox. Consuming fibre rich foods also helps with elimination of toxins – eat that fibre!

Good digestion: leaky gut can lead to eczema, acne and rashes as food particles leak through our intestinal lining and cause inflammatory reactions. Avoid known food allergies and support proper digestion. Supplementing with a probiotic or consuming probiotic rich foods can also help balance gut flora (bacteria) and support optimal gut health.

Consume omega-3 fatty acids: reduce inflammation throughout the body, help maintain fluidity of your cell membranes and help relieve and prevent dry, itchy skin. Eat fish, nuts/seeds (flaxseeds, walnuts), avocado, and dark leafy greens daily to increase healthy fat intake.

Use natural products: use products that you could eat! Everything you put on your skin gets absorbed into your blood stream and can affect your health. Conventional products are generally loaded with chemicals and fragrances that irritate and dry out our skin. Make and avocado or oatmeal mask, moisturize with coconut oil or buy organic fragrance free products.

Enjoy healthy, glowing skin all year round!

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