Baking substitutes: bake allergy free

With the holiday season on our door steps, the mass amount of baking is quickly approaching! Baking is fun and creative but can become very stressful when trying to make your favourite desserts allergy free! Lucky for you I’ve got some great tips to help your allergy free baking experience be stress free!

Gluten free flours:
Brown rice flour: more nutritious than white rice flour with a slightly nutty taste. Great multi purpose flour as it works well for any type of dessert! Combine with a starch (such as tapioca or potato) to help with texture and binding.

Coconut flour: grain free option great for bars, cookies or scones. Recipe might require additional liquid as this flour tends to absorb more liquid. Mix with other flours if baking cakes/cupcakes which have a lighter, fluffy texture.

Quinoa flour: high in protein with a strong nutty flavour. Great for denser baked goods, such as cookies or biscotti.

*when working with gluten-free flours you must use guar or xanthan gum to help replace the gluten-especially when making cakes, loaves or cupcakes.

•1 Tbsp ground flax or chia seed combined with 3 Tbsp water. Forms a slightly thick and sticky product which acts as a binder taking the place eggs. Great for brownies, cookies, scones and breads.
•mashed banana – 1/2 banana replaces one egg. Great for cakes, cookies, loaves and muffins.
•Baking soda and vinegar- vinegar reacts with the baking soda helping to act as a binding agent. 1/2 Tbsp vinegar and 1 tsp baking soda.

•can use vegan butter substitutes which easily replace dairy butter one for one.
•Avocado: great in icings and creamy baked goods (pudding and cheesecake like cakes and pies). Might want to add cacao powder to disguise the green hue.
•Fruit/vegetable purée: apple sauce along with pumpkin or sweet potato purée work great in brownies, scones, cakes and cookies. They help keep baked goods moist without added butter or oil.

Milk and Buttermilk:
•almond milk is great for one to one replacement. You can also use rice or coconut milk if baking nut free.
• 1 cup dairy free milk combined with 1 Tbsp vinegar replaces buttermilk. Provides that tangy taste as the vinegar begins to curdle the dairy-free milk.

Allergy free baking doesn’t have to be stressful when you have the right knowledge and a little patience!

Happy Baking 🍰🍩

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