5 Reasons to start juicing

There is nothing better than a cool glass of freshly pressed juice. With no added sugar and a tone of nutrients fresh fruit and vegetable juices are tasty additions to any diet. So what makes juicing such a healthful habit?

  1. Concentrated source of nutrients – juicers compress fruits and vegetables extracting the juice, along with vitamins and minerals. This process provides a high concentration of nutrients, helping you reach daily recommended amounts in one glass. Allows individuals to consume a larger amount of fruits and vegetables throughout the day.
  2. Improve immune function – juicing allows individuals to consume a large number of vitamins and minerals essential for support and function of a healthy immune system.
  3. Increase energy – easy to digest and utilize vitamins and minerals found in the juice.
  4. Alkalizing – fruits and vegetables leave an alkaline ash in the body after consumption which helps balance acidity, reduce risk of cancer, and reduce cravings. Having an alkaline body is important for overall health and wellbeing, and the prevention of disease.
  5. Easy on the digestive system – Easy to digest and utilize nutrients found in the juice. Juicing is a way to “predigest” foods, which reduces energy needed for digestion and increases absorption. It’s easier on the digestive system and allows our body to absorb larger amounts of nutrients from the food consumed.

Disclaimer: Before you jump feet first into juicing it is important to understand that although juicing holds many benefits, drinking fresh juices does not substitute eating whole fruits and vegetables. Combine juicing with consuming whole fruits and vegetables for fibre to truly enhance your health and wellbeing! Juicing should accompany regular meals instead of replacing them!

Juice Recipe

1 apple

2 celery stalks

2 kale leaves

1 orange

One thought on “5 Reasons to start juicing

  1. Reblogged this on friendlynutrition and commented:
    After a long winter it’s a good idea to reboot our body and kick up nutrient levels. Perform a detox program and support your body’s natural elimination of toxins. One great way to do this is a juice cleanse or simply incorporating fresh juices into your daily routine! Also check out post on detox and supporting your liver.


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