Farmers Market

The sun is shining, birds are chirping, and flowers are in full bloom, which can only mean one thing…its farmer’s market time!! Set the alarm, put on comfy shoes, grab your re-usable bag and hit the market – there’s no better way to spend your morning.

Farmers markets offer an abundance of benefits for you, the farmers and the environment!

Benefits of the Farmer’s Market:

  1. Local – produce at farmer’s markets is local. You get the satisfaction of buying food that has not traveled vast distances to your plate. Local produce is allowed to ripen naturally in the fields, instead of being sprayed with special chemicals in grocery stores to promote ripening.
  2. Fresh– food featured at farmer’s markets is fresh and normally picked that morning. Fresh food is loaded with vitamins, minerals, and enzymes which support optimal health. Fresh food tastes better!
  3. Support local farmers – markets feature produce and goods from local farmers and companies. Shopping at farmer’s markets supports your community and the local food revolution.
  4. Good for the environment – food is not shipped across the globe creating a large carbon foot print.
  5. Samples – farmers often offer samples of their products. Sampling gives you confidence in the products you’re purchasing.
  6. Get the satisfaction of knowing exactly where your food comes from.

Sure, there are great benefits for everyone, but the whole experience can be so overwhelming! Don’t stress – Follow my tips and learn to love the farmer’s market adventure!

Tips for Farmer’s Market Success:

  1. Bring your own reusable bags, water, comfy shoes and sunscreen – being prepared and comfortable are the two most important tips for farmer’s market success. Summer mornings can be hot and humid, being prepared will keep you happy and comfortable.
  2. Browse – Take a stroll around the entire market before purchasing. This will ensure you get the best price and the bets produce. There is nothing worse than buying a pint of strawberries only to find that two stands down they are a dollar cheaper.
  3. Bring cash – cash is the currency of farmer’s markets, so leave the plastic at home. If you want to stick to a budget, only bring that amount of cash to prevent over spending.
  4. Arrive early to get the best selection and avoid the crowds arrive near the markets start time.
  5. Build relationships with your farmers. Farmers are the heart and soul of farmer’s markets and have tons of valuable knowledge. Get to know the people who grow your food.

What are you waiting for – there’s a farmer’s market near you!

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