Organic vs. Conventional

Eating organic food, especially fruits and vegetables, has become increasingly popular in the past few years. Everyone tells you that organic food is better for you, but why?

Organic food is free of harmful chemicals that have adverse effects on the body. These chemicals can disrupt hormones, negatively impact metabolic pathway functioning and lead to cellular damage. Conventional crops are sprayed with different chemical pesticides and fertilizers to increase growth and reduce damage from insects. These chemicals stay on and even in the food after they are pick. This leads to us eating the chemicals which eventually negatively impact our health.

You might be thinking, I know chemicals in pesticides and fertilizers are harmful to the body, but organic food can be soo expensive! Organic food may be more expensive, but people argue that the nutrient value is greater than conventionally grown food. Now, I don’t know if this is true but I do know that any fruit and vegetable consumption is better than none. So if you cannot afford organic foods make sure to give your conventionally grown ones a good wash, you can reduce some of the chemicals. Another great idea is to buy organic for foods on the dirty dozen list. The dirty dozen is a list of the 12 most sprayed foods. These are the ones highest in chemicals. Spend a little more money to buy these organic and save on your other favourite fruits and vegetables. A third tip to lower chemical consumption is to consume more fruits and vegetables on the clean 15 list. These are the ones that you can safely buy non-organic. So try to eat chemical free but remember any fruit and vegetable consumption is better than none!

Check out this website to get a list of the dirty dozen and clean fifteen.

Take action and reduce your chemical consumption today!

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