Dangerous Beauty!

Do you slather on body lotion after a shower only to slather on more about an hour later? No matter how much cream you apply it just doesn’t seem to help! It’s time to consider the ingredients in your favourite lotions and potions. A number of commercial products are made with cancer causing chemicals, dyes and perfumes that you can’t even pronounce.  These ingredients are the culprits for the ladies intoxicating scent three subways seats down and the red dry patches of skin that don’t seem to disappear no matter how much cream you use. Non natural products claim to sooth dry, itchy skin, but in reality they only make things worse! The ingredients are irritating to the skin and are detrimental to our health. Yes, they may not affect you right away but chemicals are building up in your body and reeking havoc. They damage our tissues, mess with our hormones and can be to blame for our health issues.

It’s important to know what’s in your products. Learn about the ingredients. Making a switch to natural products can positively impact your life. Your skin is the body’s largest organ and absorbs what you put on it. This means if you would not eat the product it is not healthy to be applying all over your skin.

The good news is there are companies that are looking out for our health and make food grade lotions, washes and oils that sooth dry, irritated skin and prevent the need to apply lotion on an hourly basis just to get some relief. Some of my favourite brands include:

  • Green Beaver
  • Hugo Naturals
  • Pur+Simple

You can also check out how safe your current products are at http://www.ewg.org/skindeep/. The Environmental Working Group allows your to check the safety of your favourite brands and search the properties of the ingredients.

Take control of your health and make the simple switch to natural beauty products.

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