The Power of Thought

Do you ever look into the mirror and say “I am beautiful”? Do you tell yourself that “you are successful and valued”? These are the words that we should be telling our self, but instead we constantly think we are not enough or don’t deserve happiness. We focus on the bad or negative things that surround us. Our thoughts and the perception we have about the world and life have a tremendous impact on our health! It’s time for a change in tides and a positive wave to triumph the negative.

Louise Hay is an influential woman in the area of perception and illness. She drives home the message that our thoughts are powerful and that everyone has the power to change their life. She explains that YOU are in control and the creator of YOUR FUTURE!

Have you ever considered that illness can be caused by or manifested from negative thoughts? This very thing has been shown to be true in the lives of ill people. There is a connection between the things we feel and our perception, to illnesses that develop. An illness may manifest from negative thoughts or holding resentment, but if we are able to work through these negative thoughts and learn to forgive, it has been shown that the illness may subside. Louise Hay’s is a perfect example of how thinking in a positive way, practicing forgiveness and loving yourself can reverse or prevent disease.

We must all consider that changing our perception or the way we think can have a huge impact on our life. Instead of thinking in a negative way or focusing on the things that you do not want in your life, switch your frame of mind and focus on the wonderful things that you are blessed with or something good that happened in your day. Our thinking has a tremendous impact on the outcome of our life. If you want positive things to happen, those are the things you must think about and bring forward. Believe in yourself and your abilities, know that you are beautiful and valued, and reassure positive affirmations daily. Trust that your positive thoughts will be heard!

Tell yourself – “I radiate success, and I prosper wherever I turn”

Experience the power behind your thoughts!

Check out Louise Hay’s book – You Can Heal Your Life

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